Summer 2019

Candid Selfies

candid from dates*

Room Service: The Soho Hotel.

Quick Drinks and Play: Hard Rock Hotel.

Thanks for the gifts. ❤️

Dinner + Shisha + Play Time: Kai Restaurant.

The Wine Pairing 6 Courses Date: Les 110 de Taillevent. Amazing wine selections. I like sweet wines and throughly enjoy the Riesling. The sweetness was just perfect! 👌

The Racecourse: Epsom Downs Racecourse. The was an all day date that ticked off a bucket list, as well as enjoyable. I even won a few quid! 😁 Can't wait to have more dates like this.

My Favourite Restaurant: Hakkansan! 😋 I had to pack all these leftover home…. I was too full. You know that feeling where you eat something exquisitely tasty and satisfying, but can't eat much because you're just satisfied?Such was the pleasure. That didn't stop me devouring the rest next day though…. tasted even better!

The My first time!

*Posted with permission

Weekend Away Date: I had an amazing time! Even the dog loved me! Haha….when the dog joined in for spooning and cosy sofa afternoon, you know is the ultimate GFE. ❤️

*Posted with permission

The Morning After: Calling me a Uber home. What a gentleman…. HeHe probably saw I didn't want to go home. 😂 I love being ordered a Uber.

*Posted with permission.

Sea Food Date: Fish Work.

The Theatre Date: The Lion King. This was beautiful, entertaining, creative, engaging and just magnificent! Love it!

*Posted with permission.

Intimate: Let's get personal… I don't mind if you touch… 😉